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Athanasius’s story is one of ups and downs. It is a story of joy and fellowship, as well as suffering, persecution, and pilgrimage. In other words, it is the Christian’s story. Often however, it is difficult for modern-day Christians to relate to the lives of Christians long ago. It seems ancient Christians suffered for their faith in a way that we do not. But is this actually so?

Simonetta Carr, in her latest book Athanasius, offers a compelling illustration of just how much we have in common with Christians from long ago. Aimed at children (ages 7-12), the book wonderfully sets forth the life and actions of one of the great leaders in the ancient church (4th century). Not content with mere names and dates, the author delicately weaves the story together, as it is driven along by the historical issues of the day. In addition to all this, nearly every page is lavished with beautiful illustrations which pour depth and color upon the narrative. This is truly an aesthetically pleasing book.

And yet its beauty not withstanding, what is most compelling of all is the way in which the author ties the ideas and events of history directly to the lives and imaginations of young readers today. They “see” how and why we confess the Nicene Creed in Church (for instance). Drawn into the particular challenges facing Athanasius and Christians long ago, the reader is also instructed in how much we have in common today — most importantly, that we confess the very same Christian faith.

“Athanasius was greatly loved and greatly hated during his lifetime,” writes the author. “He has been called “Athanasius contra mundum’, which in Latin means, ‘Athanasius against the world’ (p. 52). And while we today often don’t feel so connected to our ancient Christian brothers and sisters, it is helpful and encouraging to read books which remind us of that unity and give us a better longing for that day when we will all confess together our same God and Savior, Jesus Christ. This book comes highly recommended and should be ordered from Reformation Heritage Books here.

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