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B.B. Warfield:

It is, nevertheless, the very cor cordis of the Gospel that is here brought under fire. The one antithesis of all the ages is that between the rival formula: Do this and live, and Live and do this: Do and be saved, and Be saved and do. And the one thing that determines whether we trust in God for salvation or would fain save ourselves is, how such formulae appeal to us…. Just in proportion as we are striving to supplement or supplant His perfect work, just in that proportion is our hope of salvation resting on works, and not on faith. Ethicism and solafideanism—these are the eternal contraries, mutually exclusive. It must be faith or works; it can never be faith and works. And the fundamental exhortation which we must ever be giving our souls is clearly expressed in the words of the Hymn, “Cast your deadly doing down.” Only when that is completely done is it really Christ Only, Christ All in All, with us.

Taken from Covenant Justification and Pastoral Ministry (p. 329)

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