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Calvin comments on how to read the OT Prophets:

Scripture shows that God’s promises are not established unless they are grasped with the full assurance of conscience. Wherever there is doubt or uncertainty, it pronounces them void. Again, it declares that these promises do nothing but vacillate and waver if they rest upon our own works. Therefore, righteousness must either depart from us or works must not be brought into account, but faith alone must have place, whose nature it is to prick up the ears and close the eyes—that is, to be intent upon the promise alone and to turn thought away from all worth or merit of man. Thus Zechariah’s famous prophecy is fulfilled: when the iniquity of this land will be removed, each man “will invite his friend under his vine and under his fig tree” [Zechariah 3:9-10].

There the prophet implies that believers will not enjoy true peace until they have obtained forgiveness of sins. For we must grasp this analogy in the prophets: when they discuss Christ’s Kingdom, they set forth God’s outward blessings as figures of spiritual goods. Hence Christ is called “King of peace” [Isaiah 9:6] and “our peace” [Ephesians 2:14] because he quiets all agitations of conscience. If we ask the means, we must come to the sacrifice by which God has been appeased. For anyone unconvinced that God is appeased by that one atonement in which Christ endured his wrath will never cease to tremble. In short, we must seek peace for ourselves solely in the anguish of Christ our Redeemer.

Institutes 3.13.4


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